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Lower abdominal pain with mental sexual stimulation

I have been getting this pain in my lower abdomen for a few years now (i am 22), the pain i get is a sharp shooting pain between my pelvis and my abdomen and only happens when i have an unintentional sexual thought, or see something sexual that i did not intend to see, the sharp part of the pain only lasts a few seconds but the upset and irritated abdominal area lasts for like 20 mins after, i am a MTF transgender and i dont know if that would cause anything as i have not heard anyone else talk about this sort of pain before and no matter what searches i do i cant find anything, if anyone could help give me some peace of mind that would be great! TY.

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ask your doctor about trapped pudendal nerves. Scar tissue from your surgery might have done that. That can give a really sharp pain like that.


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