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I spot the red light on the dash board through the fog.

How will I get to town without breaking down in a cloud of smoke.

Swinging left I head for man with a superman outfit, scowl and a coffee cup.

Who hauls himself up. Releases the handbrake with a tut and retreats.

But that someone would release my handbrake, I seem to get slower and slower both mentally and physically. But perhaps if they did I indeed would fall into that bloody great pit.

Still back at work now and hugely cheered by the children's enthusiasm with a lady bird copy of "Three Billy Goats".

The illustrations are quite wonderful. Every one was given a picture at the end of circle time to look at and they all to a man turned to their mates to compared them. The enthusiastic chatter was deafening. 'twas lovely to see. We had lost all the cards by the end of the session. Zheng had collected them and was carting them around in his pushchair.

I could have done a particularly good impression of the Troll at tidy time. But I kept it safely caged under its bridge and it is silent when everyone is doing every thing but tidy. Why would you pack the bricks away when you have remembered that Trolls live under bridges. And someone left the bricks out specially so you could build one.

Thank gawd I only work until lunch time.

I drive off navigating my way back though the fog.

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I used to do a troll impression everytime we walked over a bridge. The kids used to scream with delight and run - fun for them and a clever ploy to get little legs to go a bit faster. I still do my troll impression but nowadays they just roll their eyes and give me a look.

I am officially Embarrassing.


It would be interesting to find out if there is a universal age at which parents become embarrassing.

In this house it was 13. when my son asked me not to laugh when he had friends around.

Still I bet if they have children of their own you will find that you have created a tradition on Toll impersonations on bridges.



Nedd you always make me smile.

I loved taking the kids to the bridge in the woods and making them approach quietly incase we woke the troll then shouting really loud in the middle and watch them scamper up the path the other side before collapsing in laughter and a ohh mum !!!!

You bought back a happy memory on a sleepless painful night thank you I will dream of trolls.



Hi Nutty

That story must be responsible for lots of us frightening our children over the years. It's a wonder some haven't developed a bridge phobia as a result. We have had 2weeks of fun with our troll theme. One little lad has been so caught up in it he needs reassurance that there isn't one lurking in our Nursery garden. We have our troll coming tomorrow dressed as Mr Ofsted!

Hope you have a better nights sleep. The days seem so much harder to cope with if we are up burning the midnight oil.

May I manage to get my own goodnight sleep too to fortify me for tomorrow. So that I will be in a "happy state of readyness" to quote a Hairy Biker.


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