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Agonising groin pain

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Not to long now I've been getting excruciating groin pain when I'm in the car or lying in bed. Suddenly I get a spasm of pain in my right groin and I am unable to move at all or lift my leg in anyway was wondering if this has affected someone else and was looking for advise. I play a lot of football but this injury is new to me would be grateful for any responses

8 Replies
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Hi there, yes sorry to say this pain lead to me having a hip replacement, it might not be so serious for you, but its best to get it checked out with your GP, I left it too long thinking it would go away, as you sound quite young as you are playing football maybe all you need is a course of anti-inflamatories. I suffered for 10 years before getting it checked, and consequently I had done some damage by walking funny to compensate, still seeing a physio to try to correct my muscles. It could also be sciatica, I suffered with this following my op due to lying funny, Get it checked sooner than later Good Luck I hope its minor

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Hi gwince1, I'm curious, did u hip operation help u, as in not having any pain now etc?!

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It was as if by magic, the really bad pain had dissapeared, but initially it was replaced by the operation pain, which was controlled by pain killers, 6 weeks after the op i was getting around very easily without pain killers with a walking stick, my problem is strenghthening the muscles that have become wasted due to the length of time I was walking funny to compensate for the pain, still having physio but improving greatly, this was why I said don't delay as I did, the hip replacement was a big op but worth it, out of hospital in five days.getting around on crutches, best of luck see your GP.

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Hi sorry to hear your pain , I know the feeling , I put up with my hip pain for 2 months thinking it would go away I am now getting treatment for it so on the mend hopefully.. book an appointment with your Doc sooner rather than later to prevent doing more damage...good luck

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Perhaps all you will need is a course of physio. If you play footie with a club, even a local amateur one, they should know of someone. Those tiny ligaments and muscles around the groin can be very painful. But see your GP first, anything new should be checked out by a doctor first.

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I had agonising spasms like this, where I could see those muscles actually clenching + moving, but nothing relieved the pain. I didn't do anything as active as football, just cycling & hill-walking, which had to stop. Eventually I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis which was starting to rot that hip joint. Anti-inflammatories plus a hip replacement unlocked those cruel spasms and gave me a wonderful life. The spasms never returned. So get checked out for Ankylosing Spondilitis : yours may never be as severe as mine was .

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Have a word with your gp, but if can't help, do you know a good chiropractor? As it sounds like the pain i get.

I get it because i have fallen arches and it makes your body twist. I have to get everything reset monthly as i have hypermobility (double jointed) and dislocate my hip easily.

Hope you get sorted out soon, take care and angel blessings

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Omg uve described how I feel, it's terrible isn't it, awe get it checked out ASAP, hugs x

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