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Hello again, I am delighted to report that the Awareness Day went very well indeed. It comprised 3 presentations by Therapists specialising in BOWEN, ACUPUNCTURE and SIRPA. Also, there were other Therapists giving advice on MINDFULNESS, EFT and HOMEOPATHY. The latter went around to people and spoke to them informally during the breaks. So, there was a lot of information on offer.

In addition, we had 'scripted segments' by a local Actress which were based on the accounts of real sufferers. This was light-hearted and humours - very enjoyable! A sandwich lunch was enjoyed by all, and there was a raffle.

Most people said they would be very interested in any further meetings, and all the Therapists are also willing to attend future events.

I hope we have covered our room hire costs, and I will be doing the 'accounts' in the next day or so. I do appreciate those of you who have offered a donation and, as mentioned, the address for this is: F.A.O: Molly Kenyon, Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, Saltaire, West Yorks. (Cheques need to be made out to 'Shipley College').

Many thanks indeed.

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Really pleased it was a success!

Thanks for reminding me - popping cheque in post today.


Aw thank you so much, I really do appreciate it.

Kindest regards, Anne-Marie


Hi Anne-Marie,

I am so pleased the day went so well, I would have loved to be there and would be If I lived nearer.

I sent a small cheque to Molly Kenyon last week so hope she received it, and hope that your expenses will be covered, it is so good of you to arrange such a helpful and enjoyable day.

I think it also helps people to get together and share experiences (as on this site) but have some fun as well.

Well done!

All the best,



Oh thank you so much Chrissy, that's really kind of you. Well I very much enjoyed organising this, and there is sufficient interest to do more things. I will advertise them on here and people might be able to join us from a reasonable distance.

Kindest regards, Anne-Marie


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