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8 mths of lower back pain ,leg & calf & feet ache weakness in legs , also coccyx can feel like i have an ants nest up inside me

Hi all , well so far i have had lumbar / cervical / thoracic MRI scans , there is some evidence of mild wear and tear, i have been discharged from the spinal clinic now being referred to a Neurologist / and or chronic pain physician ,

my life has changed so much, not able to stand or walk for long 1 or 2 hrs max then it all kicks off again always when standing pain will drift away whilst led down , at times cant drive coccyx goes mad, also can feel prickles on my tongue when coccyx goes on a mad one , so cant work (standing job) or play. lol but before this i would be on the mountain bike up and down hills aprox 70 miles a week,

wot has gone so so wrong

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Suspect you have got older and cannot fine tune the working of your muscles like you used to. It is time to change to activities that enable you to study how your muscles work.

Suggest Yoga, t'ai chi and Alexander Technique. See if these disciplines help you to develop better control of your muscles. If you have better control of your muscles then you hopefully will suffer less pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps.