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It's okay to take time out!

Laura who is a psychologist and body-psychotherapist and a member of our Expert Panel talks about the need to have time and space to yourself...

'We all need time and space to ourselves. This is a basic human need. You may be worried about hurting the feelings of the person who care for if you take time for yourself. If you are able to explain to them that you really care about them and enjoy being with them but also have some things you would like to do for yourself, they are likely to understand this. It could be useful to ask them when they most appreciate you being there for them, and what they like most to do with you. Then you could at least some of the time make these things a priority. You could also say something like “I am going to the cinema with my friend tonight but would like to play a game with you first (or when I get back)”. In this way you are letting them know that you love them and that is not diminished by your need to do other things.

How do you take time out for yourself? Share your thoughts with us!