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What else could Pain Concern be doing?

Hello everyone,

Pain Concern is looking to resources that we could develop for young carers in the future.

What further resources would you like to see? How could we make our existing services better?

Suggestions we have had so far include (1) setting up a facebook group to accompany this forum, (2) an internet feed of articles concerning young carers who care for someone with chronic pain and (3) a further radio programme providing expert advice on what support is available to young carers. What do you think of these ideas? What other ideas would you like to put forward?

We will greatly appreciate any suggestions made, and will try to realise as many as we can.

All the best

The Pain Concern Team

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Carers work with the cared for 24/7 or if not still more than what the medical profession does.

There are many causes which have the same symptoms.

What would be useful for a carer is help to investigate and work with the person being cared for to develop techniques that work to improve quality of life.

For example it is impossible to handle the stress of the major health disability. However it is possible it is possible to work on the small stresses and eliminate them. In this way it is possible to ensure that the stress of the person being cared for does not go over their stress breakdown point.


Hello John, thanks very much for your reply. It is an excellent point that carers always want to improve the care work they do, and be supported in this. It is very regrettable that this does not always happen.

Pain Concern has already attempted to do this, through the advice offered by the experts interviewed in our radio programmes, and also in our forth-coming accompanying leaflet (distribution starts November!)

But we are looking to do more. Specifically, we are looking for particular types of supporting media and tools that young adult carers would appreciate and currently lack.

Just to clarify - as a information and support charity, we are unable to provide advice directly ourselves. You need to be a qualified health or social care professional to do that. What we can provide is information, and we can distribute advice which is provided for us by professionals.

Thanks everyone

The Pain Concern Team


Thanks for the reply.

Many of us have met the problems of the qualified health or social care worker. I have been to enough carer's meetings to realise there are very big problems with qualified health or social care workers.

There is a need for something called citizen science. There is a need for carers to develop their own version of citizen science. Of course this will need the input of professional information engineers.

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Thanks again John.

We at Pain Concern are eager to work with both the healthcare and social care professions, and also represent to the carer and patient voice.

What we are looking for are specific suggestions of materials and resources we could be producing, which carers feel they may benefit from. Another radio programme, on a different topic to the one's already produced, would be an example. Sorry if we have not been clear enough about this.

Thanks everyone. Pain Concern.


Social media is a huge and very useful tool for those who care and are cared for, so having a group for people to join on Facebook is a really good idea. You can include useful information for young carers to reference on how to cope with caring, and also to enable communication with like minded people, who can share advice.


Hi cellobelle18! Thank you very much for your message! We really appreciate it. A Facebook group is something we have been starting to think about, so I'm really glad you think having a group would be supportive for young carers. Including useful info on the group sounds really good too! If you have any other ideas/suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us again. Thank you!