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Dr Barry Mason is a member of our expert panel!

Dr Barry Mason is a family, couple and individual psychotherapist in private practice in London. He is a former Director of The Institute of Family Therapy in London. He has a particular interest in chronic pain both from a personal perspective (he has ankylosing spondylitis), and a professional perspective - his clinical practice is, both, with people in pain, and with their close family members/carers. His research on the management of pain has addressed how pain is managed within relationships. He believes that the management of pain has to go beyond only looking at the individual who has a pain condition.

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My recent experience with trying to obtain effective pain managemend is different than just a few years ago. I have long-term back pain and RLS. the doctors I have consulted with constantly bring up addictive nature of strong pain medicine and seem to think this is an excuse not to perscribe. Perhaps becaue they fear an acusation of enabling addiction. I think this is a psycological fear inflicted on them by the NHS and pain management is under used.

The seem to equate requests for pain relief as thrill seeking. I may be wrong, but I think is getting worse and more people suffer to satisfy high-minded posturing.