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Paget's disease and trigeminal neuralgia


I have a aunt with Paget's disease on the rear, right side of her skull. After a bisphosphonate infusion 5 years ago, the condition has remained stable. Recently, she has begun experiencing sharp nerve pain diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia on the right side of her face. I'm wondering if the damage caused by Paget's contributed to or caused the nerve damage resulting in this nerve pain. Do you know any Paget's sufferers that also feel facial nerve pain? I would greatly appreciate replies.

Thank you.

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I have read about this facial nerve pain and it is more common of course for us people with Pagets in the skull. I have been experiencing facial pain


Thanks TSanders02251960,

Although Pagets can increase the risk for other conditions, I'm grateful for the broad range of diagnostic and treatment options, both traditional and non-traditional, for sufferers. It's improved so much in the past 2 decades.


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