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Pain after tooth extraction

Desperately looking for advice! Had a tooth pulled out on 5th Feb and still get toothache and headache everyday. I also have osteoporosis and took alendronic acid from Oct 2009 to Jan 2013 then stopped out of choice. Been reading about osteonecrosis of the jaw whilst waiting for a letter to see a specialist as the dentist could only offer more antibiotics. Sorry if this is not the right community but been unable to post to the NOS forum.

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I am just about to visit dentist myself and am being tested for Pagets disease or perhaps osteocronosis of the jaw at Addenbrookes. I am having loads of blood tests, xray, bone scan and dexa but when I read about ocj it doesn't seem to fit although I was on denusomab for 2 years. Has your problem resolved yet?