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Treating high blood pressure with polycythemia

Hi All,

Just recently diagnosed with polycythemia vera last month. Still waiting on bone marrow biopsy to come in. I am having a problem with high blood pressure. I am taking 40mg of lisinopril per day without the diuretic and blood pressure numbers are still high. My doctor did not want to put me on the lisinopril with the diuretic because of the polycythemia. If you are dealing with high blood pressure and polycythemia, then I would appreciate you sharing how you are treating the high blood pressure. Thanks so much

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Hi Larry,

I had very high blood pressure and bad headaches at the time I was diagnosed. I got a lot of lectures from my doc, but not that much help until the hematocrit was staying down. Then the blood pressure became controllable (with losartan) and when I went on low carb diet and got some pounds off, it was okay without the losartan.

Good luck.


Thank you


PV diagnosed 12 years ago, and my blood pressure was incredibly hard to bring down. Its stable now but I take... Cartia, Digoxin and lisinopril. I've been on this regimen for over a year now and my BP is always leveled out. For several years, my pulse stayed well over 90 and often 120+ and this was a concern. At the time of PV diagnosis, I learned my cholesterol was dangerously high, and I have diabetes. 3 specialist have told me that these things are mostly from my thick blood, probably. Its taken years of trying different combinations of meds to level me out, but I am, now. SO FAR! :) Learn all you can, exercise all you can, HYDRATE all you can -- but keep moving forward. Reading these forum posts are very very helpful in both a knowledgeable way and also emotional way. I'm in the states, but somehow found my way here where most seem to be across the pond. Makes no difference, tho! Good luck, and know life can still be good, ok?

btw... the man in my profile picture is of my very favorite musical artist, James Taylor. He snapped that pic of us at a concert this past April. Life IS good. There are steep hills sometimes, but then you have that nice smooth slope on the other side.


Thank you for your reply and the kind words. I did not mention that I also have type 2 diabetes. So the thick blood affects my blood pressure and blood glucose also. It's like working on a jigsaw puzzle every day to try to do the right things to stay balanced. People like yourself and others in this forum provide needed answers and support which make everything much easier. I know our doctors care, but they can't always give us all the info we need. Funny that you mentioned James Taylor. He is a favorite of my family also. I guess we have seen him at least 20 or so times. Thanks again

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