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Dear MPN friends: I am so excited that ASH is in my new home city, San Diego later this week. And I am also excited we've got a great panel discussion lined up about MPNs and news for patients: Drs. Catriona Jamieson, Steven Oh and others and an interview planned with Dear Dr. Claire Harrison from the UK. Please be sure to be signed up with the MPN community on and send in your questions to Also, we'll do live daily wrap-ups at 5:30 Pacific time (late for the UK!) Sat-Monday. And everything will be posted as replays after that.

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The itching has gotten very bad at times, and when worst is associated with orange peel looking skin swelling. What can I do about the itching?


Thanks for submitting your question! I've passed it along to our producers who will do their best to get the experts to answer it. Make sure you're signed up for our Daily Wrap Ups happening this Saturday-Monday as they might address itching there as well: