Can you get or have you gotten better care by seeking a second opinion for your MPN? Answer our poll!

Can self-advocacy increase your odds for better health care? Let us know what you think on our poll to the right.

Then hear Lorraine's story of self-advocacy that led her to Dr. V of MD Anderson

2 Replies

  • Absolutely. I was originally diagnosed by a local Oncologist with ET who put me on Hydroxyurea which did very little to my symptoms. I went to MD Anderson for a second opinion and found out it was MF instead. Many Oncologist are not familiar with the MPN family so...their diagnosis can be wrong. My doctor at MD Anderson put me on Jakafi and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Please see a specialist.

  • The local consultant eventually diagnosed my husband's condition with the help of another hospital. He was put on hydroxyurea and he was on it for 12 months. I noticed he was starting to look ill again so we asked for a second opinion. My husband was put on Jakavi by the second consultant. He has been very well on it for almost 2 years now. So I would say yes to a second opinion. Go to a specialist hospital however!

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