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It's Forum Friday! Let's talk about insurance!

Insurance, medicine costs, doctor's visits, hospital stays- it can all get very expensive especially if the healthcare system doesn't offer help. What's your experience been like? Take our poll on the right, expand on your answer in the comment section and then read Eliot's blog with tips!

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Hi all, the initial cost of a GP was $65. But all specialist appointments are of no charge! While going through the diagnosis stage, blood tests, special gene testing and bone marrow tests are free. The only continuing cost is monthly payment of $3 for my daily aspirin. This the public system in New Zealand. Will be interested in seeing what other people are paying around the globe. Lyn

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The only thing I pay for is hospital parking in the UK.

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Thank you both for commenting!!


You might as well say I have no Insurance, I was issued state Medicade, and the carrier I have is all but useless. I have been fighting them and the Hospital system for about 2 years now, and still getting no where.

I am, ,or was in the local Charity system, they no longer will see me because the Insurance Carrier I have through Medicade is no longer excepted in there system. Which dosent matter since this system has not done anything with me anyway. I found out in August of 2014 I had Primary Myelofibrosis, among afew other blood / bone cancers/disorders.

The First Oncology Dr straight out told me, " Your cancer is not a tumer Cancer, we really dont understand it, but will see you only because you have no other choice, We will see you once every three or so years, no more." and he left the room.

After fighting with the system for several months, I was sent to the main Charity/learning center in North Louisiana, where I was seem once, before the budget cuts got them shuttered, sent back to local shit ass' and is where I am today.

The saw me 3 times since Oct of 2014, now wont see me because they dont take Aetna Better Health, ( Medicade ). I can not request a new carrier, because of the new expansion laws, I do not qualify. So I am stuck, there are really No Dr's Hospitals, Clinics or anything else in Louisiana willing to take Medicade patients. I am fighting for Disability also.

I was told only option was to cancel the Medicade I have now and re-apply, major problem, if I do that, I loose all standing I have now with the Disability, and have to re-apply for both, which I will not qualify for either under new laws. I will have to be on a year long waiting list to apply for Medicade, and have to do same for the Disability.

Can not get the Hospital system to refer me to others, because it would be a major finincail burden on me. And besides there are really no one in Louisiana that knows of or can really help with this cancer.

I have called the American Cancer Society, was told they will not even talk to me cause my illiness is not there concern, they wont talk to me, I called the Leukemia Society, same thing cause its not Leukemia yet, they want nothing to do with me, wont even answer any questions, wont even help me find specalists who deal with this. SO, since 2014 I have been fighting this as well as the cancers. What does one do. I just sit back and take it one day at a time.

I wish teh best for anyone dealing with this or any other blood bone cancer.

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