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multiple myeloma on pancreatic and pelvic as extramedullary plasmacytoma

Our Mayo Clinic psychiatrist mentioned most cancer patients have the treatment of maintenance chemotherapy in remission after five years, then these patients are able to finish the treatment in full recovery.

Is it true to multiple myeloma on pancreatic and pelvic (extramedullary plasmacytoma)?

She already has more than forty cycles of maintenance chemotherapy without stem cell transplant (SCT) by using Velcade around fifty five months. She keeps asking me when she does not need any treatment after almost all results of blood work and MRI show in normal range.

Do you have Any suggestion?

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Would love to know the answer as I just started treatment and am on my 4th Cycle and the blood results are positive. When does it stop?l


Well, If It is working good, you do not want to stop your maintenance chemotherapy. Most of Myeloma Specialists think that cancer cells of myeloma will come back soon or later after having experiences of MM treatments so many years.


Thank you what is exactly maintenance therapy. Do you get a break from Chemotherapy?


We have a break during Christmas and New Year Holiday Season.


Thank you what is exactly maintenance therapy?


In standard procedure, MM's patients are treated by 4 or 6 or 8 cycles of VRD Regimens, then have a SCT by using Melphalan andCyclophosphamide ( Cytoxan), and do maintenance therapy by using Velcade in two week off and three weeks off, or Revlimid in low dose either 5mg or 10mg or higher in three week or two week on and one week off, or other medicines. You shall ask your oncologist opinion or find these medical information from International Myeloma Foundation(IMF) and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).


Thank you so much that was v useful info for me .


You are very welcome.

God bless you.

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God Bless you too thank you πŸ™


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