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Take 5 Minutes to Share Your Perspective!

Dear fellow patient or family member,

For the second year in a row, Andrew has been invited to be a patient representative on the President’s Cancer Panel as it discusses cancer drug costs. This is sponsored by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). The meeting is March 27th in Philadelphia. In advance, and for the second time, we’d like your perspective on cancer drug costs and how they affect you.

Please take just a few minutes to tell us. It will be enormously helpful to us and national cancer care leaders.

Thanks for helping!

~Andrew and Esther Schorr and the Patient Power Team


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We are extremely fortunate that my wife's Kaiser Senior Advantage and the Kaiser contract under which she is covered paid 100% of her Velcade. Dex cost us only a small copay. And the morphine which she takes daily for pain from fractured vertebrae is only $5.00 a month. I'm sure that we are in the minority, however.

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Thanks for sharing your story and taking the survey!!


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