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Tremendous interest in In-Person Patient Events

With not much money and not much time we organized a myeloma patient event in Barcelona yesterday and 107 people attended. It was a very interactive 'town meeting-style" discussion between a wide range of experts and patients and caregivers. Apparently, unlike any other event - new for Spain. Everything was videotaped including many interviews. And TV covered it for the news. My hope is to gain support to have the video clips seen throughout the Spanish speaking world.

In the meantime, 220 signed up to attend the Nov 2 myeloma town meeting in Houston and 85 in Denver on Nov 9th. Patients and caregivers want this dialogue. I am hoping pharmaceutical companies will support those activities in a big way just like they do in all their support of medical education. Why shouldn't patients be smart too?


We (Patient Power) is doing see in leukemias, mpn's, and planning in lung, and melanoma. Exited to see this blossom in Europe as well as the US. Wanna help?

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Thanks Andrew, have you got any meetings planned in the UK?