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Thankful To Find Peers and Encouragement!


I am so happy to find a site for info and support for CLL. I was diagnosed one year ago and am also caregiver for my 59 yr. old, educably mentally handicapped brother, who was diagnosed with CLL 2 years ago. It is a daily battle for me to keep hopeful and positive and I am finding the people and info here very uplifting!

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Hi Chris720 and welcome to this site, where you will find many sympathetic and informative people and good advice. You do seem to be in a most difficult situation, and you have all my sympathy and best wishes. Do feel free to ask any questions - there are no dumb questions here! - and use the resources on the site to gain the information you need to understand this disease.

Try to stay positive and strong in the knowledge that many here are with you on this CLL journey and that new treatments offer real hope of being able to control CLL.

Good luck for the future.


Welcome Chris720! Thank you for sharing your story & we wish you the best on your journey. For more videos, visit: patientpower.info/chronic-l...

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