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Lucky u have CLL

I wish to congratulate you that you were lucky to contract CLL and not one of the many much more grievous blood cancers that exist. I am 78 yrs old and was diagnosed with CLL going on 5 years. When I was given the news my doctor , who was something of a carácter, asked if I wanted the "good" news or the "bad" news first. I braced myself and asked for the worst first. Putting on a very scary face, he shot me with a "Sorry to tell you that you are going to die", but immediately continued, that so I am and every one else in this hospital. But the good news is that no one knows, except the Man Upstairs, exactly when, and at your stage in life it will probably feom something else. That happened almost 5 years ago, and so far my life has been better , or as good as ever. So do not worry, for at 58 and if you are still otherwise healthy, just enjoy life and do not worry. All you will have is that some tiredness in the early afternoon, so just take a nap, or sit down and relax and good luck to you and to all who read this. As we say here in Mexico, where I now live, solo disfruta de la vida, y buena Suerte !!!!

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