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CLL with CD45


I am CLL under wait and watch since feb 2013. age 70years

Flow cytometry test revealed that I had CD 45 bright , and CD19 20 ,CD23 positive.,

Zap 70 and CD38 are negative No 17P deletion, IGVH mutation frequency : 4.7 %.

Are there any persons with similar characteristics of CLL ?

I want to know how their decease progressed over time.. My oncologist says that i have to be prepared for BR therapy any time as lymph nodes and spleen enlarged . No fever,no night sweats.

Platelets 1,48,00 and Rbc 4.46 Hb 12

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I think I have similar counts although I don't all that Ino in font of me. I'm also in the waiting stage since my diagnose in 2011. I'm now 69yrs old and also have lumps under arms and and on my neck. All these things vary through out the progression of the disease and you never really know when you might have to start chemo, radiatonic or bone marrow transplants. Only thing after those are clinical trials. I am a volunteer for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and I would urge you to contact them. They are on line and you simply add .org to their name to get to the Web site. Check out the information specialist there who are Oncologist, nurses, social workers and other trained individuals. They can help with disease info, online videos, financing, support groups with your specific disease and the latest info on new drugs and clinical trials.

Hope I've helped. Good luck.


Thank you.

I could not get any details on cd 45 protein. Whether ir ya Good or bad prognostic indicador

I have not started any treatment.

I have lymph nodes in neck and in abdomen.splee n slight enlarged. Alc 110000.

Platelets 117000

Igvh mutated

No fever no Night sweat

No lisa of weight.

I live in india. No cll SPECIALIST


I left a reference for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and gave the wrong Web site to go to. The correct Web site is

After you get on the site look for box at top that is for patients and care givers. A page will show a host of things you can click on which includes the information specialist. There are also videos there on line which are very helpful. Of course there are many other things on the menu that you can also choose from. Hope this helps all.


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