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Andrew Schorr Needs Your Help! Tell Your Story!

Andrew Schorr Needs Your Help! Tell Your Story!

Dear fellow people living with CLL,

We all dream of a cure and—until that can be achieved—we want access to new medicines to help us live better and longer. I am someone who believes it is important for us to tell our stories of living with CLL to leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to inspire them to work harder for us and to better understand our needs and concerns.

To that end, I am putting together a virtual panel of patients where we tell our stories via our webcams for 1 hour on Wednesday, March 16th. Would you be available to help? I am specifically looking for English CLLers from Spain, Canada, the UK and Belgium.

If you would be willing to help and have a webcam, please contact my colleague, “Patient Café” producer Autumn Eadon, at Let her know where you live and the best time to reach you by phone.

Thanks for helping me in our efforts to inspire the people who may be developing newer and better medicines for us. I look forward to you joining with us!

Best regards,

Andrew Schorr, CLLer since 1996 and Patient Power Founder