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Replay from Houston town meeting

Last Sunday I hosted (with my wife Esther) a "town meeting" from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for patients and family members affected by CLL. The first part of the replay is now available. Just be sure to be logged in to the Patient Power CLL community (it's easy and free). A login is required, just like with HealthUnlocked, to personalize content for you. Here's the link:

The second part of the replay will come soon and, as you may know, in early December, most all the hematologists meeting in Orlando, Florida for the American Society of hematology meeting (ASH). We'll be interviewing experts there and you can send me questions. We'll also do a LIVE online wrap-up each day where you can ask questions right then.

I always welcome your suggestions so we can do better.

I am off to India today. Anyone here with CLL from India? Let me know!


Andrew Schorr

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