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Hi I am 25 years old , married since 2 years . I have irregular periods and i got the impression of bulky ovaries

Both ovaries having multiple subcm sized follicles

My ovaries size are Right : 3.4x3.3x4.1 cm = 24.5 ccand left 3.7x3.4x2.2 cm = 14.4 cc

Mu uterus is normal ,no uterine mass lesion seen .

No cyctic or solid ovariaen mass lesion seen

No adnexal massor free fluid seen in douglas pouch .

May i know the impact of the above expression from my sonography result .

I need to get pregnent at the very soon .Does it affect my pregnancy .

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Hi there

I am so sorry that you are having these concerns at such a young age.

This forum is for women who have had or are undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Unless you have already done so , you need to discuss the findings with a doctor , preferably a consultant obsterrician. The fact that there are no sinister features would seem to suggest that there are no concerns about cancer.

There are infertility forums that may give you more information , but speaking face to face to a specialist is best.

Take care and good luck

Charlie xxx


Hi there... welcome. I have no idea how to interpret your results and nor would I try, but I do know what it feels like to want a baby. Like Charlie, I would wait until you have seen a specialist who can give you sound advice and help. Good wishes to you...


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