Billy the Bear

Billy the Bear

Hi, some people may remember me, I made a bear for my sister to do some fundraising for Ovacome last year. I haven't made many bears since because I've been having a lot of problems with my hands but I'm posting a photo here so that someone (you know who you are by now I'm sure :) ) can have a little peek at the bear that's destined for them.

Billy is the little brown guy on the left, the other two are Minstrel and Faith who are both destined to take part in some fundraising events later in the year for various causes.

Best Wishes xxx

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  • They are absolutely gorgeous! Clever you! Are you doing a justgiving page raffle?

    Love Wendy xx

  • I've not heard of just giving raffles either. Minstrel is going into an online event which is going to raise money for McMillan and Action for M.E., while my sister has plans for Faith.

  • Aww - they are so sweet! I hadn't heard of justgiving raffles before, but it sounds an excellent idea.

    Monique x

  • They are beautiful, especially Billy :-/ you are so clever and he is small enough to take anywhere, it would be nice to make a "world bear" so he can travel all around the world and have a photo taken in various places and landmarks so one of your bears can become really famous...lots of love x G x :-)

  • I made a little red and white panda style bear which I gave to a friend of mine when she came over for a visit from the US. I've since managed to find a teddy bear passport for Raspbeary because he's been on a couple of cruises and toured Australia! Emily said she was going to present Raspbeary's passport along with her own at passport control - I must remember to ask her what the reaction was! :)

  • Good luck with your fundraising bears. I opened a JustGiving page for my birthday recently and it raised a lot of money. Far more than I had expected or ever hoped for. It's worth looking into the JustGiving site to see how that will work. If you're raising funds for Ovacome they will pay a small fee to JustGiving but this is more than compensated by the 20% Gift Aid they will receive from the Government on each donation if the donor adds Gift Aid to their donation. It does seem to me the easiest way to raise funds and to maximise Gift Aid opportunities.

    Best of luck with your lovely fundraising bears. xxx love Annie

  • Thanks for the info, I'll look into that and bear it in mind for future projects.

    Belinda xxx

  • Bears are so lovely and seem to be important in a lot of circumstances. I was given a little soft, cuddly floppy one -----if you'll forgive my double-entendre ;-) -----to take into hospital with me, by a work colleague, as she had given a similar one to another friend who had had an op for OC at the age of 18. She is still ok too. I have mine on a shelf in the bedroom, along with one I was given by my grannie 3 months before I was born! Mine is called Comfort

    Keep making the bears! They are lovely.

    Love Wendy xx

  • My childhood bear went up in smoke (on a bonfire) after he was sent to be cleaned and came home full of solvent! :( I sometimes wonder if thats one of the reasons I love making these for people so much. I have one named Marcus III, after my son Mark - who has Marcus I (his reception class teacher has No 2), anyway little Marcus often travels around in my pocket and enjoys a good adventure! :)

    I've often thought about making one and sending him off to people around the world to have adventures and perhaps setting up a Flickr group so people could upload photos but I think it still needs some thinking about to work out the fine details. Could be fun though.

    Here's Marcus relaxing after one of our adventures...

  • The infant teachers amongst us will immediately think of 'Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?' I am sure. It was a unit of geography study for, I think, Year 2 children. The children loved it, as the school I taught at had a real Barnaby Bear and sent him off all over the world on adventures to relatives of children in the class and people going on holidays etc. A great way of learning about other countries! Maybe we could have an OvacomeOverthereBear!!!! Heehee :-D

    Love W xx

  • Wonderful ideas and love the bears, amazing work - I was so fed up with my hair yesterday, the energy drain just to dry it, I thought about shaving it all off again to raise some more dosh. I know a lady who does this about every 5 years, she has never had cancer but she has been affected by it because she has loved and lost many friends to the disease.

  • I know the feeling! I went from just past shoulder length to short back in October, firstly my hair was pretty unmanageable perhaps because I have thyroid problems, but also my hands were so bad I just couldn't brush all the tangles out. It was cut at too short notice to organise anything but it was cut at a hairdressing college and I donated the hair to them as they teach wig-making too and they promised me it would get put to good use.

    If I ever go from long to short again, I'll have to plan it better!

  • Arre bless you, are your painful hands down to the aftermath of chemo or another problem?

    The taxol was taken out of my 6th chemo due to neoropothy, it took quite a long time before they came back to normal and even now almost 2 years later, they sometimes feel a bit odd.

    Take great care xxx

  • Hi Tina,

    My sister was the one with OC. I have fibromyalgia and also as the result of a back injury I've had to use a walking stick for years (now crutches) which has affected my hands. I haven't been out much since having flu in December and the rest has done my hands good so trying to catch up on my bear making while the going's good :)

    I had nerve conduction tests done (for carpel tunnel) a few weeks ago but inconclusive results as my hands are doing better, but they said they'll test again next time they're bad. Was so funny because your hands have to be warm and mine hardly ever are, I wasn't the only one in the waiting room with their hands wrapped in a hospital wheat bag before the tests, in fact most of the people there had them!

    It affects so many things when your hands play up doesn't it?


  • Oh God yes, I also have fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome - mustn`t forget the syndrome part! I was diagnosed around 1998 with the FMS and the CFS came later, about 8 years ago. I`m not sure which is the most debilitating. I can understand how having to use a stick or crutches adds to more widespread pain, I have observed people using walking aids and they are so not kind to the posture, it also must put a massive strain on the upper part of your arms, shoulders and neck, back as well as indeed hands. Bless you dear, you have my deepest empathy.

    I am also pretty creative too, although I have only knitted teddy bears and when I stuffed them they didn`t look quite as good as they should have done, I think that was because the knitting stretched out of shape the more I stuffed them, but the kids liked them never the less. My recent adventure has been making patchwork door stops, and quilts, I made several christmas aprons for presents and I knit + I have just made up two bridal bouquets, a total of eight for bridesmaids and about a dozen button holes and 4 corsages for the mothers. They are for my daughters wedding in October and neaphews wedding in April. I used fake flowers because both of the brides suffer from hayfever or polon allergy`s. I actually shocked myself how well they turned out.

    But yay, my hands, they go stiff, into chronic spasm`s and the muscle pain is agony especially when I don`t pace myself. It effects everywhere doesn`t it, in neck, shoulders, forearm, elbow wrist and that`s without even thinking about the back pain. Its so not nice and I do sympathise. Weird how the cancer never made me ill.

    The chmeo effects was horrible but I was warned that it may effect me more than average because of the FMS and CFS. Infact one consultant even said she wouldn`t go ahead with the chemo if she had ME because of the side effects from the treatment, I remember my answer was "well, it might not, I might be ok" I decided my life was worth taking the risk.

    The muscle pain shot over the highest scale ever in my life and the fatigue was so bad I convinced myself it was the end, but I got through it and I do belive that what doesn`t kill us, will make us stronger.

    But hay, one more jump over yet another hurdle and hopefully I will remain stable for a long time yet to come. Life is such a challenge, isn`t it.

    How`s your sister doing? I hope she is doing well. This is just about every persons fear and it effects even those who don`t have it.

    Its great what you are doing as regards the fund raising, you are an inspiration to all those suffering from any of these horrible diseases.

    I personally want to say one very big thank you with a big hug xx from tina

  • PS. Forgot to say, I also hand my hands wrapped up in electric heat pads before each chemo session, the pain as the drugs went through brought such tears to my eyes it was so painful.

    When I shaved my hair off to raise money for ov cancer research I spent the oddments on 6 electric head pads for the chemo department. They did already have some in use but there was nver enough to go round. People with problems finding a vein, used them a lot too.

    But cold hands, always cold. My youngest daughter also has ME, bless her she inherrited all of my crap genes.

    Love Tina xx

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