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Multidisciplinary Teams

Hi All

I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could help me with a general question about MDTs and particularly their role in the treatment of ongoing OC.

Do they only discuss patients immediately after initial diagnosis? It seems from posts on here that following surgery and first line chemo, when reoccurence happens decisions on further treatment seem to be made by the patients oncologist or only. Does this differ by region/health authority or is there be a standard procedure?

I am wondering about this as there seem to be a different views between my gynecologist and oncologist about my future treatment at the moment, and I wondered if the MDT would also be involved in the decision making.


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Hi Brenda,

Speaking from my own experience, my follow up checkups are with a "gynaecological oncologist" (in other words he is a gynaecologist as well as being an oncologist) he specialises in gynaecological cancers but he is "medical" not surgical, after my operation and chemo I developed an incisional hernia, so then saw a "surgical" gynaecological oncologist to get advice about an operation but they are all on the same team (MDT) later when I had an occurrence I asked my medical oncologist had he discussed whether I should have an operation for my new tumour as his decision was not to operate.. so I reminded him that he isn't a surgeon so he agreed to then discuss it with the team...but they all came to the same decision as him...what I can't understand is why your gynae is not an oncologist as well.. and they seem to be two different professions why aren't you seeing a gynaecological oncologist a Gynacologist that Specialises in oncology ??

So I guess my answer is if your medical condition needs discussing with the MDT they will.

Best wishes love x G x


Hi Gwyn,

Sorry for the confusion, the gynacologist I refer to is the surgeon who attempted to carry out my hysterectomy in Septmeber who is a surgical gyacological oncologist, I saw him mid Oct for my pathology results and post op check up.

He then passed me over to an oncologist who specialises in womens cancers so I suppose that makes him a medical gynacological oncologist.




Dear Brenda, you tend to be seen or at least your case is discussed by a MDT at certain points, e.g. In the follow-up after surgery. Whilst the disease is being managed and not causing problems you tend to be seen by your specialist Ovarian Medical Oncologist and here in Wales the Ovarian Oncology nurse is also in attendance at those meetings. Once the unwelcome visitor makes another appearance a MDT will look at all aspects to agree the best way forward. I for one am disappointed these don't include a nutritionalist and other complimentary experts, but it is the NHS after all. Hope this is helpful. Love Annie xxxx


Brenda you have the same experience as me, the surgeon was a gynae/obs who specialises in female cancers, but post op I was referred to the oncologist who heads a different hospital ward. They all meet every Tuesday and discuss all the their cases, new ones, next stage for some, and progress of others. I'm guessing for people like me it'd just be an acknowledgement that I've had session number one. My cousin has worked for a consultant for some years in a different part of the UK and they have the same process.



Thanks for the advice ladies

You have set my mind at rest, and I am reassured that I can ask my case to be referred to the MDT if it not done so automatically.

Love Brenda xx


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