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Flu and pneumonia Vaccines


just had a thought for the ladies who are newly going through this.

Has anyone adviced you to have your flu and pneumonia vaccine?

My oncologist didn`t suggest it to me, but my GP did do and two of my friends who was going through breast cancer the same time as I had the OV had been adviced to have them by their oncologists.

I had already started my chemo when I had mine, infact it was January/february time which is in actual fact a little late in the season. Now I get a reminder from my GP every Autumn.

Its OK to have them while you are having the treatment, but advisable to have them one week before your next chemo when your immune system has climbed back up.

If no one has mentioned this and you are concerned, contact your oncologist nurse for advice, the last thing you need is flu or worse while you are going through this.

All the best with love from Tina xxx

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Hi Tina -- there's lots of chat on this in the blog bit, after I asked a day or two back (slightly flippantly originally) about how we can protect ourselves this season -- turned into valuable string that us worth a read revealing that we all seem to get different advice on this point. From both our oncologists and GPs. Same goes for taking herbal stuff.

We all have different chemo plans of course, so it may be simply tied to that. I think best advice to anyone would be to ask their onc for their specific recommendation. The one week prior thing cropped up a couple of times -- it's what I was told too!


Hi Tina- Myoncologist told me to have a flu jab a couple of days either side of my chemo, I had my chemo yesterday (thu) and am booked in for my flu jab on mon


Hi Maggy,

There are so many nasty bugs and things going about right now - its good if we can protect ourselves.

Sorry Chick,

I never thought of looking through the blog section, as usual I am always in a rush and go in head first, please accept my apology, this was just something on my mind when I had my jabs recently.

All the best Tina xx


Never been called Chick before, I quite like it! LOL



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