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Blame it on Santa

Comments about Santa in Jackie's blog remind me of someone I used to know who, as a father, didn't like Santa getting all the credit for his children's presents. His solution was to buy very modest things as Santa presents and much more elaborate stuff form himself and his wife. On Christmas morning the children would come down all excited to open their Santa presents and find them very disappointing. Jim would then say "is that all that old b*****d Santa got you? Wait till you see the presents from your Mum and Dad!"

Smart tactics!


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That's such a funny story - but not very charitable was it.

You've just reminded me what a dreadful mother I was. I just couldn't bear to fib to my children about Father Christmas in case they didn't believe anything I said after that so we just used to leave quite a modest present from him as well.

When our oldest daughter was 4 my husband decided it would be fun to 'big up' Santa and so he rang sleigh bells outside the house as soon as Hannah was in bed. She was beside herself with excitement and didn't get to sleep until about 3 in the morning. We'd bought her a Cindy House for Christmas which had to be put together and wrapped up. I don't think we got to bed until about 5 in the morning on Christmas Day and Hannah woke us about half an hour later.

We learned our lesson and didn't do it again.

xxx Annie


Christmas can be such a minefield. Which did Hannah enjoy most, the Cindy House or the wrapping it came in?


We had a very active toddler by then who absolutely loved the Cindy House. Unfortunately for Hannah the toddler discovered it had great potential as a climbing frame. I do remember wrapping paper being extremely desirable at such an early age.

You've brought back many happy memories. xxxx

Love Annie x


Hi Linda,

That's really funny...."Happy Anniversary" just thought I'd let you know you have a poem...

Lots of love x G x :-)


Hi linda,

Santa always brings the presents from us for the children. When I was a child my mum and dad used to send the presents to Santa for him to deliver! I don't know why I never queried that - seems daft now to think they sent them off to some guy just to bring back!

However my children have never queried this either and just accept we pay for it but he delivers it.

I love Christmas and enjoy doing all the Christmassy things even if my grumpy husband is the bah humbug type. I have just taken delivery of my youngest sons present a complete liverpool football strip. I said we couldn't afford that so he will be so surprised.

May I be the first to wish you a merry Christmas

Hugs Jackie xx


Ah Jackie, thank you very much. And the same to you.

That's a lovely photo by the way.


Linda xx


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