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Im a nervous wreck!

After seeing my Gp regarding my bladder problems, he thinks it could be a prolapse, and theg are going to try and insert a pesserie to hopefully cure it, has anyone beard of that?? Got to have scan first to make sure thats definatly what it is. But i saw my consultant 7 weeks ago and he didnt mention a prolapse wben he internally examined me, and i had symptoms then.... In the past few days i have had awful aching in my left arm mainly when trying to pick things up and moving about in bed, also my hands hurt, especically my little finger, and today ive started itching all over. Im so worried with all these odd symptoms appearing, before i was diagnosed i had a terrible rash on my chest, thighs, arms and back, once i had my surgery it went. Im scared to go to Gp as he will think im imaginig it, but its definatly real. Has anyone had problems like this?? Also i got a fractured rib about 5 weeks ago wbich im recovering well from, apart from a sore breast still, this happened at my mums funeral!! A relative hugged me sooo hard he damaged my breast tissue and fractured my rib, i do have a lump im my breast, but think that is just from the injury. Sorry to go on, but feel so stressed. Thank you x

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Go straight back to the consultant/hospital and make an appointment. Speak to your nurse specialist with a view to speeding up the appointment process.. You must not ignore any symptoms and must err on the side of caution. Hope your mind gets put to rest.



I would echo the last answer you need to be reassured about what is really a problem and what is not. If you need to talk with someone earlier, you can ring the Ovacome helpline tomorrow on 0845 371 0554. It's staffed by Ruth, a nurse and is open from 10 till 5. Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Thank you both. Waiting for scan appt. This cancer larks not much fun is it??!! Makes nervous wrecks of us all i think!! X


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