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Ovacome invites you to a parliamentary reception!

Ovacome is inviting its members and supporters to attend a parliamentary reception to talk to MPs about improvements which need to be made to make ovarian cancer treatment more equitable in every part of the country.

There are big discrepancies in the quality of ovarian cancer treatment throughout England and this is your chance to discuss on a one to one basis with MPs any problems you have had in your area.

The event, taking place at Portcullis House near the Houses of Parliament, from midday on Wednesday 28 November, is being hosted by a cross party group of MPs.

On the day, Ovacome will present information from several top-level Department of Health reports which shows significant differences in the treatment, care and information offered throughout England, highlighting patient outcomes and the performance level of local services.

Ovacome wants to show MPs that despite positive steps being made to improve cancer services further change is needed, with the UK having poorer outcomes for cancer patients than comparable countries, says its chief executive Louise Bayne.

“Although there are national standards, we know that women’s experiences vary widely and there is a significant difference in survival across the country,” says Louise. “By getting MPs to look at their local picture, we hope to draw attention to the variability in lots of factors of ovarian cancer treatment. Coming along and talking to the MPs and sharing your experiences will really make a difference by bringing to life our data.”

We have already heard from several high profile MPs who would like to meet women in their area. If you would like to attend the reception, where you will have the chance of a tour of the open parts of the Houses of Parliament, we will give you some briefing advice and instructions for entering through parliamentary security. Contact to register.

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I am from n. ireland and wondered if any m.p. from there will be attending this reception.Over here drugs that are available in the rest of the uk are not as yet being funded by our assembly One girl carol parkinson who is terminally ill with breast cancer has to raise 1300 pounds every 3 wks. to pay for her drugs . The local community fundraise for pay for them. She has twice took assemble to court and has lost both times even though this was the drug that her oncoligist said was best for her. the avastin drug has only been passed in november and is only being given to newly diaognosed o.c. patients not 3rd. line chemo like me. It makes me so mad that it is all a post code lottery. una.


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