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Postmenopausal Complex Cysts - any information please

Hi everyone, I'm 53 and after a postmenopausal bleed was referred for tv scan which showed thickened endometrial lining, uterus growths and a 2.5cm complex solid cyst on my right ovary. Consultant did a uterine biopsy on the day and everything seemed quite urgent - she told me to prepare for the results as I would possibly be in for total hysterectomy the day after receiving them. She also seemed quite concerned about the 'mass' on the ovary, especially as it had solid parts and took a CA125 test. Thankfully the biopsy was negative and they think the growths are polyps but the CA125 came back as slightly elevated. It was 29 and the hospital I attend uses 25 as a marker (although she said some use 35, in which case it could be normal?). They have decided to watchful wait with repeat scan and CA125 in 8 weeks. The problem is I am now so worried and its on my mind constantly, I was having a couple of symptoms before i.e. lower back and abdomen pain, urinary urgency and tiredness but these are more frequent now and I dont know if its because of stress or if this thing is growing inside of me. I'm also confused as the urgency seems to have gone but as far as I can see from what I've read a complex cyst post menopause is quite suspicious?

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I can understand how worried you are feeling right now. It's a scary idea, but I have always been told that 1-35 is the normal range for CA125 markers, so your hospital may be erring on the side of caution. Mine was 545 when I had my brush with OC. Have you tried mapping your symptoms with the BEATonline (on Ovacome home page) symptom tracker? It may clarify things a bit and give you some evidence to take to your next appointment. I think that, if your hospital has any hint of it being OC, they usually move really quickly. I was scanned, tv scan, CA125, gynae appointment and in for total hysterectomy within three weeks. In the meantime, try to keep busy as you can, just a walk in some countryside or reading, music, and TV if you are too tired for anything else. You need diversionary tactics when you are worried! Stress can play horrible tricks. You could always talk to someone with a lot more knowledge than me on the Ovacome helpline, which is staffed by nurses who have had a lot of personal experience of OC. Their number is also on the Ovacome website.

Hoping that you are feeling better soon

Wendy xx



Are you in UK? The range ca125 range here is <35, as Wendy says.

I absolutely understand your fear, but your increasing symptoms are very likely to be a product of them, rather than any disease.

I have to dash now.

Just to say ;

Very best wishes,




I live in Spain and the CA125 here is also up to 35.

You say you have polyps, could these be causing the pain ? I ask, as many years ago I had fibroids and I too had the back pain as well as other symptoms. Just a shot in the dark of course my answer, but I agree with the other ladies, anxiety can cause many strange things to happen to the body. Also agree with Wendy, chat to someone at Ovacome if you really are worried.

Good luck

Anna xx


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