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what is a enlarged lymph gland?

hiya all,

just had results of a ct scan and have been told that there is suggestions of enlarged aorticaval node. the lymph gland in the aorta. i have been told my ca125 is normal 35/36 and they will do a follow up ct scan in Dec. to see if it is growing larger. has anyone had any experience of this and although i have been told not to worry at the mo- i cant help not doing. any advice folks

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Impossible, I know,but try not to panic. Although your enlarged lymph node might be responding to a metastatic disease, it could also be many other things. Lymph nodes swell in response to infections, and it might just go away. Your ca125 is still within normal range. Take transfer factors, echinacea, or something to boost your immune system, and eat well, exercise and rest, and with luck it will go away, and if it doesn't you are giving your system the best chance of containing and dealing with the cause and any treatment that you might need.

I would want to have my blood tested 2 weekly to monitor any rise - but that's just me. I hope you get good news very soon.

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Hi I also have just been told I have enlarged aortacava lymph gland. My ca 125 has also gone from 34 to 67....also having re-scan and ca 125 in December. Best thing not to worry and enjoy time from now until as many positive things as possible....easy to say I know...good luck and keep in touch!


Hi Parvinc

Do you have any further news on your situation or do you have to wait until December?

Best wishes



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