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vaginal bleeding 18 months after hysterectomy

I have small amounts of vaginal bleeding 18 months after my full hysterectomy, following a borderline tumour. I am anxious about this and wondered if anyone might have any answers to this. I've been to the doctor today and they are taking swabs but didn't really have any ideas on why this might be. I'm also seeing my consultant next Thursday.

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HI Bella

So sorry to hear of your problem. All I can say is that you is that you have taken the right steps by getting things checked. I wish you luck with the results.

Anna x


Good Luck for next Thurs Bella.

Hope they sort it out for you, try not to worry to much, dont think they would have left you so long if there was anything to worry about.

Take Care. x


many thanks for your support. will be good to get to next Thursday and have a few more answers. x


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