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Raised CA125 6 months after final chemo, does this mean it's back?

I had a CA125 in June and it was 6 today i had results for CA125 done a week ago and it's come back 163. My gynae nurse says that i have to have a CAT scan and then a desicion will be made as to the need of more chemo. Is a raised CA125 always an indication that the cancer is back? I've had a good cry after the initial shock but want to remain positive especially if i need treatment again. I'm not sure if i go in to denial initially, at the moment i refuse to believe it is back until i have had it confirmed, am i just kidding myself? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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No; it doesn't necessarily show that 'it' is back. There are other conditions that can raise ca125, essentially most inflammatory conditions in the pelvic region. You do need a scan to tell. Let's hope this is just a rogue reading due to something else minor and temporary.

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Hi Shabila,

I agree with Isadora, anything can cause a cancer marker to rise, Could, be inflammation etc., and I think any good Oncologist will always recommend a scan just to double check and also a repeat of the ca 125

Anna x


Hello Shabila,

You hang on in there, it could as the ladies have said be anything, it does go up and down for other reason's as well.

A scan is the best thing to have to confirm what is going on (if anything).x x

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