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2weeks after Hysterectomy

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Hello to you all update after surgery to remove tumours and debaulking, was so amazed had the op Thursday pm was home sat pm. Stitched not stapled and no infection, relieved it's all over and can't speak highly enough of Addenbrooks and my consultant, who was so pleased with the op which he said was worried he was not going to be able to do all that he wanted ! But was really pleased with the outcome, haven't had belly ache at all until yesterday !!! And have had terrible back ache, which I know can be epidural. Taking black goohosh red clover and evening p oil, but have woken this morning crying, and can't seem to stop is this normal as nothing has happened to trigger this off.

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Hi Dolcie,

I am sorry that I am not much help, even though I had an hysterectomy and debulking I don't remember having pain...but probably too worked up about pending chemo at the time..I did however have a very swollen tummy (ascites) and went to the emergency doctor on call it was a weekend so no GP surgery...my husband's just reminded me that I did have pain like a heavy pain and in my back as well..so there you go I have forgotten all about this..haha I have just looked in my diary ( I wrote everything down) and I had an intermittent pain in my right side and also in my back as well good thing I've written this down...I bought an academic diary that starts in August as I had my op in August now I am just starting my fifth diary... Best wishes love x G x :-) ( smiley to cheer you up) :-)

Hi Dolcie,

Don't worry about your spontaneous, unexplained tearfulness. You will be suffering to some extent from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). It takes people in many ways, but crying is ok, and good for you. It releases natural endorphins which calm you and help you to rest. Also, you will be hormonally all over the place at the moment, especially if you had not been through the menopause before your op.

Hoping your recovery continues to be full and rapid.

Very best wishes,



Well done on getting through the operation.

I was also very teary after the operation. The anaesthetist said that they often see this , the effects of the anaesthetic , all the drugs and the huge shock to your system. It's also considered virtually certain that new mums have a few tears the days and weeks after giving birth. Factor in your diagnosis , the treatments you had beforehand and a surgical menopause, it's no surprise you are feeling a bit rough.

Try to take things very easy and let everybody around you spoil you.

Take care

Love and healing hugs

Charlie xxx

Hi Dulcie, I had my surgery 5 weeks ago, I didn't have any pain, was discharged after 5 days and only took paracetamol to go to bed. I was very tearful the day after I came home from hospital and the poor district nurse must have thought I was a nut case. I likened it to baby blues. I still get tearful from time to time I think it goes with the territory. I had my 4th chemo cycle after 3weeks post op and to be truthful it creased me. I was surprised how quickly I recovered from surgery it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Unfortunately they weren't able to remove all the tumours so I'm hoping the rest of the chemo with sort that.

We are allowed off days, we had them before diagnosis so it stand to reason we can have a few now. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well. I agree with you about Addenbrooks. My daughter is under Dr Sarah Jeffries in the oncology dept (she travels from South Wales)

and had her check up this week, they are excellent she is also under ENT there.

Best wishes

Chris xx

Thank you xxx

Hi Dolcie,

How I remember being teary after my op last November. It took me totally by

surprise - never thought I could be so weepy. Doctor told me it was because my

ovaries had been removed and even though I have been through the menopause,

this is the normal reaction for most patients. It lasted around two weeks - if it doesn't

go away the Doctors can prescribe something for it so I was told. I also had a lot of

back ache for quite some weeks. I took ibuprofen as paracetamol didn't ease my pain.

Take care and continue with lots of rest + no doing laundry or cooking for a while.

Best Wishes

Angie xx

I'm really happy for you about the op but can understand the crying bit after surgery. I don't really know why it happens but I've felt the same after every big op I've had. I think on the third day, it's usually been withdrawal from the drugs... well, that's what I put it down to. There is also being in a strange place, having a major trauma and the sheer relief of it all. I hope you feel much better soon... big hugs to you.

Hi Dolcie!

I had stomach pain, thought it was normal but it turned out to be infection! Call the hospital by the time I did it was raging abscesses and I had a week in hospital on IV.

Watch the back pain! Take pain killers and keep as mobile as you can to avoid my problem (sciatica) as for the weeping! I did too!

Take care of yourself and don't try to do too much!

Love M xxxx

Hi dolcie

Ur mind and body are going thru a lot..... The stress is awful...i still cry... The ladies herd sill tell u.. I still have times when i thi k im cracking up. good luck

Best wishes


Hi dolcie

I remember sobbing my heart out when I woke from my op- felt really sorry for the poor junior doc who was in the room at the time! Don't worry about it- we all go through it, its part of the human condition I think.

Take care, remember you are now queen of the remote!



Hi Dolcie

I had my op at Addenbrookes too, which surgeon did you have, mine was Mr Latimer and he was lovely.

I think sometimes the crying is due to the relief that it is all over, imagine the stress and tension you go through building up to an operation like that.

Hope you continue to make a good recovery and feel better soon.

Love George x

Hi there Dolice .....

Allow your self a big slice of TLC , you and your body has been through alot so the tears are normal , let them flow ..it will help xx

Its early days as yet and things will improve ..Just take it slowly now ....

Love Jan xx

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