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Early Signs?....Update

Well, been to see the GP today who after prodding my stomach and asking bowel related questions, decided that it could be an ovarian cyst and is sending me for a scan. Who knows when the date for that will be, but got to wait for scanning people to phone me to make an appointment.

At least he didn't fob me off with bowel related problems. Everything is normal in this area so he couldn't really.

Fingers crossed for a speady scan date so i'll know for sure.

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That's good!

Did they do a blood test?

Hope all is done quickly and comes back normal.



Hi as one of the support line nurses I am glad to hear that your doctor has referred you for a scan but you shouldn't need to be kept waiting for a long time.In view of the fact that I understand your grandmother had ovarian cancer I think that if the appontment for the scan doesn't come through for a date soon you should go back to the GP and ask for an appointment at a sooner date because of your family history. This isn't meant to panic you as it is unusual for someone in your age to get ovarian cancer and it is far more likely to be something far less serious, but unfortunately it can happen and it needs to be excluded. If you want to discuss this further do please leave a message on our ansaphone and we will get back to you as soon as possible 08453710554

Best Wishes



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