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Uploading a Photo to your Blog or your Profile

Uploading a Photo to your Blog or your Profile

A couple of you have asked how to upload a photo on to your blog. It's not immediately obvious. I've uploaded a shot of the 'Write a blog post' screen for you. Step 1 contains 3 parts, 'Title', 'Body' and 'Image'. You can start by uploading your image by going to the bottom of 'Step 1' where it says 'Image (Optional) and you click on the RH box to choose your image. The image box is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen shot I've uploaded for you. The dialogue box takes you to your own computer to the directory where you save your images and photos.

Before you start to upload your photo you need to check it's no more than 2 mb. You can check the size of your image by going into 'File', Document Properties, or depending on your view in your Windows Explorer (Microsoft) or Finder (Apple) it will give you the size of your file.

Both Microsoft and Apple have picture editors. Windows is Photo Editor, and Apple has I-Photo. If you open these you can do basic changes to your image. I just crop the image until it's small enough to be under 2 mb.

I think it would be a great idea to upload and share photos. I don't know much about Picassa but perhaps we should look into getting an Ovacome Members Group on that. If anyone has any ideas perhaps you could post below?

Happy uploading. xxx Annie

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Hi Annie,

I just wanted to give acknowledgement for this blog.. I am not saying I can do it.... LOL ..I haven't a photo to post (I don't think) but I can't even post a photo on my profile page ???

I also wanted to say that I have just read your comment to Kat about employment issues and I think it is so good..I didn't want to comment there.. and distract from what you were saying...thanks for this blog love x G x 8-)


I meant Cat or DundeeGirl.. :-/ ;-)


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