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back from hols

Hi All

well back from VERY sunny Barcelona- was too hot, 34 on the last day, was so hot my legs and feet became swollen. I ended up wandering around with trousers, hat and long sleeved blouse on (got some very funny looks).

I visited Gaudis garden, the castle at the top of the hill- via cable car, las ramblas (of course) and the aquarium (it was too bloomin hot outside!).

It was great to get away, especially after the hassle at work and the op, but am back to reality now, and am so very tired and cant be arsed to do any work for my masters course.

I have found that I am excellent at procrastination- so far today I have made some onion marmalade, pickled shallots and piled up the ironing (not done it mind)- oh, and gone on line to check out the ovacome site!

hey ho, think I will go make some soup, and get the breadmaker out now.

take care all you lovely ladies




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Hi Sue,

Welcome back... Glad you had a good time.. Not glad you had (or have) swollen ankles you've already worn me out with what you've done today zzzzz sit down and put your feet up.. These days if I smooth the ironing out that's it done haha love x G x 8-)


My word Sue, if you call that amazing list of things you've done today 'procrastination' then I don't even measure up to be a procrastinator. I'm really delighted the holiday in Barcelona was such as success even though the heat must've been hard to bear. I enjoyed all those sights a few years back - had a great week in Barcelona too.

I'm just starting the first of four weeks holiday from work and today have done a bit of volunteering for my union, a bit of research into possible PPI claims, paid bills, caught up on emails, walked the dog and ... rather like you .... have made a big pile but not ironing - FILING! How on earth do we acquire so much paper to file in these paperless days.

I think I should probably take a leaf out of your book and get away for a real holiday.

Lots of love, Annie x


You go for it Annie! I am not trying abroad until I get over sciatica But I am going to Devon for 10 days at my son's so I hope to do some exploring by bus!


Enjoy your break Margaret in Devon ...

Do hope your back is holding up x

Off to Dorset on Friday for a break ..

Love Jan xx


Annie something nice xxx

Love Jan xx


Hi there Sue ,

Your break sounded wonderful ..shame about your feet ..mine do not like the heat since I have got older ..

Would love the reciepe for your onion marmalade please ... just love pickles .....

Love Jan xxx


What a lush idea to start a recipe blog. Things to cook to cheer us up. Start with the Onion Marmalade recipe Sue - I love that too! mmmm mmmmm


Hi Sue

Barcelona sounds wonderful - will have to go some day. Just got back from a few days in the Lake District, preceded by a week in sunny Menorca - it was less hot there at just 29C! So from lazy days by the pool to energetic hill walking around Windermere, am now worn out but feeling good. Got my check-up due next Tues so fingers crossed I'm as healthy as I feel!! xxxx


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