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I have recently had a hysterectomy and had my ovaries removed, my GP says that ladycare magnet is no use to me

He says the reason being that I did not go into the menopause naturally,also says that if I do not take HRT I increase my risk of developing Osteoporosist. I am unsure what to do. I had purchased Ladycare magnet thinking this was the answer. Please Help.Thanks

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When I was 39, I had a total hysterectomy which put me into an early menopause. I had no problems at all as regards the menopause unlike my mother who kept her bits and had a really bad time with mood swings and depression. I had a heel test to check for bone problems and the results showed that my bones were perfectly normal. I eat a range of foods which i think helps. Good thoughts are sent your way.


This kind of doctor makes me so cross, pronouncing on the facts. I started on HRT after my initial treatment 2 years ago (3c) and discontinued as I was worried about it. I had a bone density scan six months later and my bone density is better than that of average for a woman of my age. I am moderately fit but have not done much in the way of exercise in the last couple of years but know that this helps with bone density. Also I had a ladycare magnet because my menopausal symptoms, especially the flushes were really bad after surgery and I found it really helped. Also it can't do any harm so if you want use it and see what it does for you. The hrt is a personal decision, probably best to talk to someone at a menopause clinic if you can to get all the facts. It does depend if your cancer is hormone receptive to some extent.

Good luck and please follow what is right for you.


Hi there

Sorry that you have had this experience.

I personally found that the magnet didn't help me very much , but several people here and an other sites say that it helped them.

My understanding is that it helps with hot flushes , but not with preventing osteoporosis. If you are not getting bad symptoms then you may wish to try other things for your bones such as increased exercise or a calcium rich diet.

Good luck xxx


what is a ladycare magnet as i never heard of it.


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