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Happy Hysterectomy

A colleague of mine is having a hysterectomy (not cancer related) and has just bought a book called 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy, which we were looking at this morning.

I only dipped in, but it looked quite informative. For example I noticed it had a section on things to eat to avoid brittle bones, if you are not taking HRT.

The author also has a bit of a sense of humour about the whole thing as there are also suggestions on throwing a party to burn your no longer needed sanitary products.

Well, it made us laugh.......

You can get it from the hysterectomy association.



3 Replies

I love the idea of burning those! For me, it's the freedom to wear white trousers, whenever I want, all summer long, that's the best thing ;-)

Love Wendy xx


Yes, it's amazing how quickly you adapt to not having to plan for THAT time of the month.

Love Lizzie


P.S. Having a good day today - not been sick for 24 hours <<touch wood - my head>>


Good to hear you are having a good day. 24 whole hours, that is cause for celebration. Hope its the shape of things to come.



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