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Coping with Cancer magazine article

I found this article interesting: New treatment options lead to steady progress against ovarian cancer."

In fact, it looks like a useful magazine all round.

Bet you'd never guess I was a librarian for over 30 years! Just can't break the habit of sharing info.


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Dear Linda,

Thank you for the link, it does look an interesting magazine, speaking for myself I am very glad of your librarian skills. :-) :-)

Cheers x Gwyneth x


Dear Tweetingasme

Thanks so much for telling us about this article. Please Cdon't stop being our cancer librarian. It's really useful.

It makes me think that collectively we must have a good range of skills and experience to continue lobbying for improved research into this disease.

Love Annie xx


Hi Linda

Thanks for the interesting article. Although I have great faith in my Onc I was just sitting here thinking that from what some of the ladies on here occasionally say about the reaction of their Oncs to their symptoms and issues how many them (oncs) have the time to keep up to date with all the research. Some might even learn a thing or two by reading the posts on this site. As Annie says we've got a good range of skills collectively but unfortunately we've also got a massive pool of knowledge about OC.

Meryl XXXX


Yes, thank you for the link, I have bookmarked it for future reference, Diane xxx


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