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Advice on getting a second medical opinion?

Hi, mum had her laparoscopy on friday, i think they removed samples from ovary and peritoneum (she a large fluid filled swollen belly, ascites) results should be back within a week. I guess from this they will decide the type of chemo to use.

Her initial CT SCAN showed that the lymph nodes throughout abdominal cavity were effected and could not all be removed by surgery alone.

My problem is that mum and dad retired to Italy 6 years ago and she is being seen by the gyno/onco at Pisa hospital. I have asked for a full medical report to be sent to me here in London, where i would like to receive a second opinion.

How do i go about doing this and where is a good place to start?

The Gyno in Italy says that treatment would be the same and they are doing everything that is possible.

I still would like to go for another opinion in case they do things differently here.

Many thanks Mau123

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Hi Mau123,

I would ring ovacome and ask if this possible on the NHS given your Mum is no longer a UK resident. If she is a UK resident then does she have a GP? If so, the GP can refer her for a second opinion.

If you are prepared to go privtaely, send me a private message and I will message you a practise that I have used.

Love Lizzie



Statistically the UK is behind the rest of Europe in the diagnosis and early detection of ovarian cancer


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