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i saw the urologist who is going to do the bladder part of my op when i have the hysterectomy.he explained that they havent done biopsy yet because they cant get to the lump,hence the reason for hysterectomy.they want me to take tablets for 3 months which may shrink the lump,but whatever happen i will have to have hysterectomy,so i dont want to take the tablets and just want the lump out,especially as they said the tablets may not shrink the lump.they know how much pain i am in but dont seem in any hurry to do the op.he did say that worst case scenario i would have hysterctomy and lose whole bladder but i am hoping it wont come to that,i am only 39 and dont want a bag for the rest of my life.

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  • Hi Sonya

    Gosh how horrible for you to be in that predicament. I completely understand that you want the lump out. I was exactly the same- wanting it taken away.

    although I can't help you with the specific issues about your bladder always remember that you can get lots of support on this might get more info if you ring the ovacome helpline, the number is on the homepage.

    take care


  • hi lady gooner,all this is because they think the lump s endeometriosis,they dont know for sure tll they do biopsy,but i dont have no symptoms for endeometriosis,so really want the op done so they can biopsy the lump.

  • Hi Sonya

    Sorry you are going through all this worry. If you go on the Ovacome site ~ ~ you will see a BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome option on the left hand side of the page (I cannot get the link on the right hand side to work!), click on that and scroll down the page to download the BEATonline symptom tracker. It may help you with getting some evidence for your hospital/ GP etc. so they can decide what treatment option is best for you. I had symptoms of endometriosis for years but undiagnosed, and ended up with my OC being diagnosed through an ultrasound scan. Have they done one of those for you?

    I would recommend ringing the nurse helpline at Ovacome, also on the home page I mentioned earlier. They will help you to think your way through all this.

    Good Luck

    Love Wendy xx

  • hi wendy dee,yes had ultrasound, transvaginaand mri scan.the lump look big on the image he gabe me thursday but because it is lodged in the wall between womb and top pf bladder they cant get to it,i had a scan june 2010 due to pain in my right side,but they missed it cos they didnt scan low enough,i did phone one of the nurses on here and she said it didnt sound like anything sinister,but i have a really bad feeling about this.i would hate to lose my bladder,but cant wait another 3-6 months to see if the lump shrink as if it doesnt shrink it will get even bigger them 3-6 months,thanks for replying to me

  • Hi Sonya

    If it would help, give us a ring so that we can talk through what is going on and try to help you clarify the situation and make the right decisions. It must be very difficult for you especially when you have been in so much pain. My number is 08453710554 Mon - Fri 10-5 and if no one is here please leave your details and we will get back to you.

    Best Wishes


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