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Mum and sister under investigation for oc!!

Hi All

I first used this site a few weeks ago when I was waiting to take my mum to her first appointment with her gynaecologist after she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. At that appointment we discovered that the cyst on her ovary is 20cms by 12 cms. The consultant recommended a CT scan and I will be taking her for the results on Tuesday. Her CA 125 is 25. Will wwe be told on Tuesday if this is cancer or will they say that the next stage is a biopsy? In the meantime my sister who is 45 has been experiencing abdominal pain. She also has had ongoing problems with very heavy periods and increased need to urinate, Anyway following severe pain she was sent for an ultra sound scan and has been diagnosed with ba septated ovary, She is awaiting her CA125 results. Has anyone had any experience of this type of cyst? I am very worried about both of them at the minute.



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Hi Geralyn

What a worry for you all at the moment. If you go on the main Ovacome site ( and click on the BEAT symptom tracker link on the left hand side of the page, your sister can track her symptoms and use the info to print out for her next appointment. It may be of help. There is also lots of info about different types of cyst and links with OC. I doubt if your Mum will be told if it is OC on her next visit. I think they wait for tests on the histology before telling anyone what exactly it is. I waited for about a month after my op to be told exactly what the prognosis was, although the surgeon told me that he had seen cancer on both ovaries and omentum and had removed all he could see. I still had to wait to hear more about the possible outcomes and treatment. (you can check out details of member's stories by clicking on the photo)

On the Ovacome site there is also a link which lets you know about the nurse-staffed helpline. It's open from 10 till 5 on weekdays but you can leave a message. They are so experienced and will get back to you to answer all your questions.

Just try not to panic too much (I know this is asking a lot, especially with your Mum and your sister going through this time of uncertainty right now) Sending you my thoughts and the hopes that whatever it is, has been caught early and that your Mum and sister can soon =return to good health

Well done for finding this site ... I'm sure it will be a source of great support for you all

Love Wendy xx


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