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Life Goes On

Hurray, last week was a very positive one for me, my 3 month check up went OK after finishing 2nd line chemo for PPC AND I got re-elected to the council with a resounding vote. I felt as though I was walking on air after the count. After many agonising days wondering whether to go for it again or not, my stubborn nature dictated that I shouldnt give in. My family have been great about it, knowing that I would have been terrible to live with otherwise. Looking forward to some better weather so that hubby and I can get out and about on our motorbikes.

Wayhay (at the moment)


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Hi Harley,

Wonderful - enjoy the biking! I had a Ducati 500 a few years ago, but now steal one of my husband's bikes for a spin from time to time!

Wayhay, indeed!



Dear Harley

I'm really delighted about your election results and of course the post chemo check up. You're doing an amazing job bringing to the public domain that people are living with cancer and continuing active lives. Much needs to be done to raise the public awareness of this.

As for the bike - well I've only ever ridden pillion on a Sports Honda Super Bluebird - I'm a total convert. I wish I were a better motorist. I'd have certainly bought myself a bike before now had I trusted in my powers of concentration and nerve.

May your Harley days and your political days long continue!

Congrats. and love Annie


Hi Harley.

Fantastic news about your appointment, and also about your re election.well done!

Best wishes



Congratulations on all counts! Brilliant news. You go girl! :-)

Love Wendy xx


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