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chemo for clear cell?

Hi all

I went to see my onc on tues, and she said that as my last tumour on liver ( had resection in march) was clear cell, and it had all been removed, there was no point in having chemo as this cancer doesnt respond well to it- what have others had,? I am aware that it will most likely return,, and want to know what treatment is most effective, when I asked I was just told, chemo. didnt think to ask which till I got home.


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I have a friend with clear cell. Apart from the standard carbo taxol, she's had irinotecan in combo in a trial and doxil. Some people with clear cell respond to irinotecan. Also there was recently a trial of sutent which for some ladies showed truly remarkable results.

I would also say that since it appears that chemo worked for you the first time round and gave you three years of remission, why shouldn't it work again? If you had serous, not clear cell, I think you would be given chemo.

Also there is the possibility of radiotherapy on the site of your tumour. You'll find a lot of info on the Libby's Hope web site.

I hope this helps - I wish I could do more.


Hiah, I had serous pappillary on my ovary and had carbo and taxol - I recently found out I also had clear cell in my uterus but no one else has actually spoken about this to me. When I asked why? - I was told that Serous and clear cell are very similar but I understand that clear cell doesn`t respond well to chemo, unyet my oncologist told me that serous responds really well to the treatment. I question how can they be similar if that is the case? Sorry I can`t be of any help, I am actually really confussed about it now too.

All the best from Tina x


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