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waiting for scans and worried


hi,im new here,ive had pelvic pain/lower back pain for a few weeks..along with heartburn and my bowels nevers moved for 4 days but have started moving again just yesterday..i went to my gp last week so told me i had a little blood in my urine so gave me antibiotics..a week later a second urine has showed no blood and the cultures are all fine..but im still sore,my appetite has come back slightly but im worried i have Ovarian Cancer,ive been so stressed and in a state i went to A/E at the weekend they did a full blood count and other bloods all of which it came normal..he also felt my tummy and did a pelvic examination all he said was normal..hes arranging scans but he said that its for my peace of mind as hes certain its not cancer..im worried beyond belief and i feel i cant cope with the worry.

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Dear Sandy

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome,please do feel free to give us a ring Mon-Fri 10-5 08453710554. Do remember that the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very similar to many other conditions, so that although they do need checking out it doesn't definitely mean you have ovarian cancer. I do hope that the investigations can be carried out quickly so that the whole thing can be sorted out.

Best Wishes


sandy40 in reply to RuthPOvacome

Hi Ruth,my stomach is "flatter"today but im very worried,my gp has put me on Diazapam to calm me down as im terrified,ive a little boy who is 6,he has MS he was diagnosed at 5 years old..i have no faith in Drs as i had to fight most of last year to get my son a diagnosis..i scared im going to leave my son and my daughter who is 8..my gp said a scan will be done in the next4 weeks,but im in a mess,feeling my life is slipping away,i see my gp next week for a chat about my anxiety..

Dear Sandy

I am so sorry that you are going through this worry - waiting for scans and results is probably one of the biggest hurdles to get over. It is easy to advise you to try to forget the worry while waiting for the scan but it is probably very difficult to do. The fact that they are arranging a scan even though the doctors don't think it is ovarian cancer is a positive move - as is the chat with your GP next. They are obviously wanting to put your mind at rest by investigating thoroughly. Good luck with the scan and I hope that while you are waiting the GP can alleviate some of your understandable anxiety.

with best wishes


sandy40 in reply to RuthPOvacome

hi Angela,ive got a appt for this wednesday for the scans,to say im not coping is a understatement,i saw my gp today for a chat,hes still sure nothing is going on as hes looked again at all my bloods and says they are perfect..i pray nothing sinister is going,i do not know how people like you have the strenght to get through this...sandra

Hallo Sandy

Having had ovarian cancer twice (I am currently stable and very well) I have 3-monthly blood tests and the guideline which is used is the CA125 protein marker. If yours is normal, as the docs say it is, then surely they are right to say you do not have the disease.

I hope this helps a bit and I wish you the best of luck

sandy40 in reply to PatsyH

Hi Patsy..thanks for your message,im so glad you are doing well..i have not had the CA125 protein marker test,ive had FBC,and liver and kidneys blood tests all have been checked over by at least 3 different drs and all say my bloods are normal,i got my pelvic/abdo scan last week and was told ive cysts on my ovaries but no mass or fluid..ive still got low back pain and abdo pain..so im still worried,the radioagrapher checked my kidneys as well and said all was well...sandra x

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