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Had my op a week ago today and feeling better every day. Now I've had time to process some information I'm wondering how 'normal' it is

My op went ok and I'm feeling ok, just knackered after the simplest of tasks, which I'm sure is perfectly normal :)

When my consultant did his rounds the day of my op I was still away with the fairies and obviously didn't take in what he was saying. He came round again the night before I left hospital and I was intrigued to find that my 'left' ovary cyst actually was growing from the right ovary! Is that common? Sounds a bit bizarre to me!

He also told me that they had found early stage endometrial cancer and were pretty confident that they had removed it all so I may not need any more treatment for that. Obviously we are waiting on histology, but it still looks like my ovaries could be benign. He took an omentum biopsy and did an abdominal wash, but my lymph nodes looked ok so they are still there.

I was probably one of the few people on being told they had cancer were not shocked at the word cancer, but more at the location! Just think, if I hadn't had the ovarian screening I would have had no idea that I had endometrial cancer. Someone somewhere must be looking out for me. I feel so lucky. I know that sounds odd too, 'lucky' to have cancer....but I'm sure you will understand what I mean.


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Hi Sue

Well done on getting through the operation and things sound really positive . Do please try to take things very very easy. Hopefully you won't need any more treatment , but you have still had a massive shock and this may impact on your recovery over the coming weeks and months.

Even with super duper MRI scans etc doctors never really know what's going on 'till they open you up. I arrived at A and E with terrible pain in my left side , but the mass was on my right ovary. It turned out to be borderline so I didn't need any chemo. However to this day I have pain in my right side , which I am living with OK now.I also had dodgy bits in my uterus.It's been two years since I was diagnosed and I am now enjoying life again . I do some volunteer work as well as my day job , in an attempt to give something back.

Try to rest as much as you can and if you work make sure you err on the side of caution before going back.

Take care

Charlie xxx


Hi Sue

Well done, and take things easy. I was not surprised to be told I had cancer, and I didn't need any follow-up. I'm still ok after nearly 10 years, so my surgeon did a great job in washing everything out and having a good old rummage as he put it! Clever chaps these surgeons

Hope things continue to go well for you. It sounds as if you have been lucky, like me!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Sue

Although my cyst was on the left on the ultrasound scan they couldnt see the root of it so weren't sure which ovary it was on until the surgery. Turned out it was on the left and was stage 1a with no spread. Finished 6 rounds of Carboplatin in Feb and feeling good now. Hope all goes well for you. Don't overdo it - you have had major surgery!



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