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c.t without contrast dye

My first c.t scan was with the contrast dye injection. had a reaction,throat swollen and hard to swallow had an out if hours g.p.Second c.t scan without dye, said all looked clear and now due for another c.t scan again without dye,as my ca125 is going up (was with the last scan) am now worrying about the difference with or without dye and how detailed the scan is without and would it show any small growths (i still have the gastrografin oral liquid) Sue x

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Dear Sue

I am allergic to the contrast dye too and like you, I have experienced the same reaction. It feels very alarming.

I have had two CT scans without dye and the reports were detailed and informative. I believe that much can be ascertained even without the dye. In my case, the information obtained was very reliable.

As I am sure you know, the CA125 marker can be unreliable and a raised CA125 can stem from other causes. You say that despite a rising CA125, nothing was evident on your second scan.

I would have the next scan and see what the situation is. Meanwhile, I expect that you are having regular CA125 tests as a monitor.

Hopefully, all will be well.

Best wishes



I too am alergic (to iodine). I'd had this reaction several times over hospital visits/ops in the last four years, and it wasn't until a CT scan that anybody figured out what was doing it! There were no problems reading my scan when I did without the second time but I was told there was an anti-alergy med' I could take if they needed to do it again.

Anaphalactic shock can be very dangerous too.


Hi Sue,

Had my CT scan yesterday. I had to have that anaseed tasting clear liquid following by the milky looking barium sulphate. I already felt bloated, so after drinking that I felt awful. Managed to keep it down until after my scan, but last night it made me very sick. Today I am taking domperidone anti-nausea stuff to make sure my meals stay down. I don't feel quezie anymore though, I think it was just that stuff. The chemo nurses put my cannular in, that really flummaxed the imaging department - they had not come across the gauge before so were not sure how fast to pump the contast into me.

Anyway all over now, bar the results. Bad news earlier today. My CA125 went up by a large amount again, so I guess we will be abandoning caeylx. Hate to think what the CT scan will show, but at least I know its coming....

Love Lizzie



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