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Reoccurrence of stage3 grade2 ovarian cancer

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Had debunking surgery in 2019 and six months of chem. Have been in remission till a month ago. Had a pet scan and they found a 2.7 nodule where he had removed the tumor the first time. Unable to go back on the original chemo, so I’m doing Gemzar/ Carbo and Avastin the first day. Eight days later i get just the Gemzar. The hope is to go back into remission again. Has anyone used this combination of chemo before

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Hi, yes I did for first recurrence (tho not the Avastin as I trialled that after diagnosis) and it got me back into remission. I wish you well xx Kathy xx

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Thank you for your feed back

Wishing you the best. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

I hope it works with few side effects!

A few days ago I finished six sessions of the same treatment as you are getting for my first recurrence. However I did not in the end have the second dose of Gemzar after 8 days as I gather I was getting enough response from just the one dose. It seemed tolerable compared to my first chemo ie less nausea and no hair loss. The plan is I will stay on Avastin as a maintenance treatment.

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