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Tezza 66 And its back

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Oncologist today and after a 6 month wait for the tests to be done was told today its back in peritoneum,had already realised that. CA 125 is now 554 was given the choice of doing nothing or chemo doing nothing gives me a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months so obviously doing chemo didnt ask how long that may give me not sure at moment if I want to know. So chemo starts in a couple of weeks 6 rounds at 3 week intervals The fight goes on not gonna give up easily x

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Sorry to hear this Tezza,I hope the plan for chemo comes quickly for you, and that it works.

Unfortunately I have had to start chemo again,after the parp stopped working. My next chemo is due 3 May and I am hoping it works, because like you I don't give up easily.

Take care & let us know how you get on.

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Thanks yea my parp stopped my chemo is due to start may 5th not looking forward to it but has to be done x

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Newquilter66 in reply to Caleda4

So sorry you’re having to do chemo! The fear is always there that the cancer will come back! God bless you and hope the chemo works quickly!

Wishing you good luck with the treatment

Sorry to hear this Tezz mine is back too,on surface of spleen,liver,bowel. Started chemo carbo/doxil 3wks ago. So far I'm doing ok. Good luck with yours xx

Sorry to hear your news Tezza. I hope the treatment goes well for you. Hugs. Jackie.

I’ve had Peritoneal since 2018. The chemo does it’s job but little cells come back into action about every 6 months later. I’m now on chemo again, my 3rd cycle of 6. My CA125 has dropped to 50 which is encouraging. We must keep fighting Tezza 💕 life is precious. We are all little warriors. Good luck with your treatment, lots of love xx

Sorry to hear it's back. You have a great attitude that has got you this far. Keep on keeping on. Xx

Every day is worth fighting for. Mine has been up & down since diagnosed in 2015. It came back in 2018 & 2021. So far, I've had 2 peritonectomies, hysterectomy, splenectomy, Whipple procedure, much chemo & now on Avastin for maintenance until I can get on PARP inhibitor. I have a PALB 2 mutation. We are all amazing warrior women & giving up is not an option. Having said that, there may come a time when we have to put down our shields & accept that if we do run out of options, it should not be considered a failure. We will just use that courage to face the next journey. Hopefully not for a long time though. Sending love. 🥰

Salute to your spirit. Please look into adjuvant therapies both natural or allopathic. Ask for immunotherapy. On natural side, I consulted addon life addon.life/ for nutrition plan for my mom. All the best...

So sorry to hear it’s back! I hope the chemo works and you do well! Keep fighting. Read about freezing tumors and immunotherapy. I asked if it would be something for me. Dr said he’d just been talking about immunotherapy. He said freezing tumors weren’t for me, but possibly immunotherapy. Have ct scan Monday, April 18., my daughter’s birthday. Hoping it’s clear. I’ll pray for you to do well on chemo and for cancer to not come back. Take care and keep us informed. Linda

So sorry to hear this Tezza. Sending all good wishes for a successful next round of chemo. All you ladies in this group really give me the inspiration I need to be brave, so thank you.

I’m so sorry it’s back! Best of luck with the chemo—one day at a time! Sending hugs.

So sorry about your results. Just hoping that your chemo goes well with you. Sending a hug from the U.S. and wishing you a blessed Easter. Donna x

So sorry to hear. Hope all goes with with your chemo. Keep fighting x

so very sorry to hear Tezza I fear mine is back as well. My oncologist is on top of it (this time). Told her I feel twinges where cancer was before CA went from 5 to 10 in 3 months on a parp ...........she is not taking any chance as my CA is a very good indicator. Scan Monday to see what's up......... this disease surely takes its toll.Good Luck and hope all goes well with chemo!

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Tezzaa66 in reply to Summergold2

Thank you and good luck to you as well x

So sorry to hear that. I hope the chemo works and that any side effects are minimal. Keep up the fight! You can beat this!!!

Sending much love and hope for you Tezzaa66, you go for it girl! Our thought processes don't half go through transitions during this journey, you stay strong. I hope the treatment does what it needs to, and the side effects are gentle with you. Xx

Don't give up keep fighting this. No words seem enough. I'm just coming to the end of chemo again. Only two more to go. All my thoughts and prayers are with you and countless others.

Since seeing your post re ca125, I have just had appt with my oncologist. My ca125 was down at 128 after round 4 of chemo and debulking surgery, which apparently produced a excellent result. When I went for round 5 the ca125 was 424! I was expecting 6 rounds of chemo but he now tells me ‘ you are breaking my heart’ and he has requested another scan and told me to expect extra chemo. Feeling very confused and to cap it all I caught Covid this week and the next chemo is delayed another 2 weeks. I suppose that I have to get used to all the ups and downs! -

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